Kollyns' Birth Story


I really do not know where to begin with this post.  I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness and love that I don't even know that it's possible to put what I've experienced into words.  Words seem so inadequate when trying to describe the love you have for your child or how truly amazing it is to experience these feelings that you have for this little being that has completely stolen every part of your heart from the moment your eyes met her face.  As I stare at her now while she's smiling off somewhere in dreamland I start crying.  Not because I'm sad or overwhelmed with all that comes along with being a new mommy...but because I can't get over the miracle of it all.  Her perfect little face and hands and feet...and all of her little expressions are a perfect reflection of what an amazing God we serve.  I feel so undeserving of this gift, but so incredibly thankful that I've been given the chance to experience the love a mother has for her child.  I wouldn't trade this first week with her for anything, and I would go through every bit of pregnancy/waiting/labor & delivery over and over again even if I knew at the end of the journey I would only get 1 week with her.  But my prayer is that Devin and I get a long, happy life of watching her grow into the woman God created her to one day be.  After only a week, I simply cannot imagine my life without her...and I almost can't remember what it was like before she arrived...because it seems like I wasn't even truly living until I saw her perfect face.


Sunday, February 20th was like any other day for us.  We went to church, came home and took a nap, went to the grocery store, and then we went to the gym that evening for a quick workout to start the new week off right.  (Proud to say I worked out until the day before I delivered...and it does have its benefits, you will find out why later in the post).  I  was so excited because tomorrow morning I would safely reach the 37 week mark in my pregnancy (which is considered full term)!  I was content with Kollyns coming at any point after that day because there was a great chance that she would be a perfectly healthy little one!  Dev and I crawled into bed early Sunday night because the weeks seemed to be getting longer as our due date approached and we wanted to rest up for a long week ahead.  At 5 am I woke up and I thought that maybe my water had broken but I wasn't sure because it didn't gush or pop like everyone said it probably would.  I shook Dev and told him that I thought it might be happening, but go back to sleep because I'm probably just going crazy and it's nothing at all.  So I called my Nanny Patsy (who is also my boss :)) and I told her I thought I might be going into labor, just a heads up in case I couldn't make it into work.  I told her not to tell anyone because it might be a false alarm, and I jumped in the shower.  I just couldn't roll up in the hospital with nasty hair and no shower on the day I finally might meet my princess. :) After I got out of the shower water was still trickling down my leg and I was starting to feel some cramping in my back...so I was like ooookay, I'm texting Megan.  Megan is one of my best friends who conveniently happens to be a labor & delivery nurse.  The poor thing had just come off of a 12 hour shift the day before and here I was blowing up her phone because I 'might' be in labor.  (I'm still sorry about that Megan...and I love you for putting up with me, haha)  After about 45 minutes of texting her what was going on with me, she convinced me to call the hospital and give them a heads up that I was coming in to get checked out.  I called the hospital, put my makeup on, fixed my hair, got dressed, and woke up Devin.  By the time we got in the car, my contractions were 5 minutes apart and they were not pleasant at all.  I called my family and told them that I thought today might be the day so they could head on up to the hospital.  Of course they were doing road work on the way to the hospital and Devin was flying over speed bumps and potholes like there was no tomorrow.  I was fussing at him because it hurt so bad to hit a pothole in the middle of a contraction and his response was 'babe, I thought this is what you were supposed to do when you're trying to go into labor.' Um helloooo Devin, I'm already in labor sweetheart.  :) So between the potholes and speed bumps I get a text from Megan telling me that Allison Hunter was working and she would call her and tell her I was on my way.  From the beginning I had wanted either Allison or Megan to be my nurse (Megan being my good friend, and Allison is one of our driver's wives and we all love her for her uncanny ability to make light of any situation  and tell it like it is.) I had already discussed with Allison that my birth plan was one word- EPIDURAL, so I think she had that in the works before I even got in the hospital bed good.  When I got to the L&D floor, my angel Allison buzzed me in and took me to my room! By the time I got settled in good it was about 7:00 am and I was already dilated to a 5.  The contractions were getting pretty intense while they were getting my IV set up and I had developed a fever so they were trying to get that under control.  Before I knew it the anesthesiologist was wheeling in to give me my epidural.  The epidural was wonderful, and I wouldn't advise anyone to try having a baby without one (based on the screams I was hearing in the room next door).  I was actually laughing during labor because they were moving my legs all around and I couldn't feel a thing.  It was like I saw my legs moving but didn't feel them and it was the weirdest feeling so that cracked me up.  So while I was waiting to fully dilate and push all of the family came in and I was just laid up in the bed talking to them.  It was wonderful.  The doctor came back in and I was at like a 7, and then an hour later I was at a 9...and then before I knew it, it was a little before 12 and Allison was telling me to push some because the baby's head was way low and she was ready to meet mommy and daddy.  Devin, Mom, Betty, Cristy, & Shana were all in the room when I started pushing.  Apparently I'm a good pusher because it didn't take long for them to scream out that Kollyns had dark hair and they could see her head.  Mind you, I didn't feel any of this...not even pressure to push.  It was amazing how I actually enjoyed pushing her out.  Seriously people...EPIDURAL.  A few pushes later the doctor came in and Cristy and Shana cleared out because there can only be 3 people in there for delivery.  At 12:08 pm on February 21st my beautiful girl was born and the whole room was crying.  She was just perfect and she was everything I had dreamed she would be.  I was so in love with her and so was Devin...it was an incredible experience. I was only technically in labor for a little over 6 hours and I didn't feel pain but for about 1 1/2 hours out of the 6 and I didn't feel the delivery part at all.  Let me just put it this way...I would have 10 babies if I knew they would all be as easy as Kollyns, and that the hospital staff would be the exact same.  The DR that was on call that day was wonderful and Charlotte was working (she helped deliver me when I was born)- she was great, and there are no words to describe how fabulous of a nurse Allison is.  So to say the least, our Kollyns picked the perfect day and the perfect way to enter the world. 


Since we have gotten settled at home and began our lives with Kollyns at the center..life has only gotten sweeter.  She is the absolute best baby so far.  She is eating on schedule and she rarely cries.  She lets out the occasional squeak when she is hungry in the night to wake mommy and daddy up.  I know anyday now this could change and she could turn into a little squealer...but  I wouldn't mind one bit.  She is ours, and we are responsible for her from here on out no matter what that entails.  Devin is also a wonderful daddy...he is already so protective and he is up for anything when it comes to taking care of his girl. They even have daddy/daughter time every night and she lays on his chest and looks around and he loves on her for hours.  It's the sweetest thing.  We are going to do the best we can as parents to raise her right, take care of her, and love her to no end.  I am thankful for every single second I get to look into those pretty eyes, or watch her smile, or when she grabs my finger, or when I hear her let a little cry..and I even get excited over poopy diapers (I knowwww, I'm sick with it).  Being a parent is the greatest gift and we are going to embrace it and enjoy it every single step of the way.  I thank God for our precious daughter every second of everyday...and she is our constant reminder that 'every good and perfect gift is from above.'