Is this for real?

Am I really planning your 2nd birthday party? I really don't know where the time has gone, but it sure went by way way way WAY too fast. What a blessing you have been in our lives since the day you were born.  You certainly bring me an overwhelming amount of joy, but you also challenge me in so many ways.  There are the obvious challenges, like getting you to use the potty, or teaching you to not pitch tantrums when things don't go just right.  Or cleaning up your toys after you've played with them.  Or convincing you that picking FinLee up upside down is not okay.  But then there are the far deeper ways you challenge me.  You make me want to be a better person.  You make me want to be who I one day want you to become.  You make me want to develop an even deeper relationship with the Lord so you will see the profound impact a relationship with Christ has on one's character and life, as I am the example you will most likely follow.  So with that being said, I wish I could give you the most magical party in the world...but even then it wouldn't come close to comparing to all you've given me since the first day I saw you.  So I had originally planned to do a theme for your party.  Well, you don't like TV...so a cartoon/tv show theme is out of the question.  I could do a fancy little theme and go over the top with it, but I just don't see myself doing that either.  So I picked a few bright pretty colors (pink, orange & yellow) because you are such a bright spot in our lives, and the "theme" will be Kollyns' Favorite Things...which will influence the menu and favors!  :) I just placed my first order from Shop Sweet LuLu & oh how I love that shop.  Reasonably priced, and such cute stuff.  I could've really spent some green in there, but I was a good girl and only bought the necessities.
Chocolate Milk Shooters (With Chocolate Sprinkles on the Rim)
Watermelon Gatorade
(Notice none of the menu choices are healthy, yet another challenge haha)
Mac & Chese Cups
Chick Fil A Chicken Nuggets
Mini Grilled Cheeses
Gold Fish
Mini French Fry Baskets
Sugar Cookies
Cake (Similar to the one below)
A Candy Bar Complete with pink, yellow & orange M&M's (Kollyns' Favorite Candy EVER)

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