Papa Teddy Loves You...

My sweet girl,

Recently something really neat happened to us.  I have never told you about your Papa Teddy because I didn't think you were old enough to understand.  Your Papa Teddy was one of the greatest men I've ever known.  He was so kind to everyone, and to know him was to love him.  He had the best perspective on life and he treated everyone with respect.   On top of that, he was the best papa a girl could have.  I can still remember sitting in his lap and him just wrapping his arms around me and showering me with his love.  He would have absolutely adored you my beautiful girl.  You would have lit up his world just like you do ours.  I don't know why he was taken away from us so soon, but not a day goes by that I don't think about him...and I can't wait to tell you everything about that wonderful man someday.  A few weekends ago me, your Nanny Paps (Patsy) and you were heading up to Lynchburg to do some Saturday morning shopping.  Your Papa Todd, Nanny Cris, and Landon were headed to Richmond.  Before we left, they stopped by our house to drop off a few things.  You were in the playroom playing with your Uncle Landon and out of NOWHERE you started calling him Teddy.  From then on whenever you see him you run to him saying "Teddy, Teddy!"  And if I show you a picture of Landon, you say "Mommy, that's Teddy!" We were all stunned and amazed that you just out of the clear blue started calling him that.  We don't refer to any of your stuffed bears as 'Teddy' and I can't remember anyone ever talking about Papa Teddy around you.  Still to this day, you are calling your Uncle Landon, Teddy.  I hope it sticks for the rest of your life because it's such a sweet reminder of one of the best men that ever lived.  I am crying typing this because it was like God wanted us all to know that Papa Teddy is hanging out in Heaven, still watching over us even after all these years...and just patiently waiting for the day we all meet him again.  I love my Papa Teddy so much, and it's so amazing how God allowed us that special moment as a family through you, my sweet little girl.   

XOXO, Mommy

 Papa Teddy with his hand on mommy
 Papa Todd, Papa Teddy & Me (Papa Todd was quite a sight to behold back then)
Kollyns & Teddy ;)

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